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unnamed-14December 2017 – December 2018 

Llyn Roberts, MA 

with Stacey Gibbons (and SRW faculty)


Required Study/Practicum References:

Shamanic ReikiShapeshifting into Higher ConsciousnessSpeaking with Nature; The Good Remembering 

For information and to register, contact SRW Co-founder Stacey Gibbons at stacey_gibbons@yahoo.com or Director of SRW Programs Terri Lundquist at terri.lundquist@icloud.com

Pre-requisite: Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Level with Llyn Roberts and/or equivalent training with Stacey Gibbons, and/or upon receiving special admission permission*.

*Special admission permission circumstances may include: 1) those who have trained in other energetic and/or shamanic modalities and are attuned to Reiki Level Two, 2) those who have completed an intensive shamanic or apprenticeship program with other prominent shamanic teachers and/or Llyn Roberts, and are attuned to Level Two 3) current Reiki Master Teachers from another school, etc. If you feel the “calling” and are uncertain about whether you qualify, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Exchange: $1,900.00. A $300.00 non-refundable* deposit received by December 1, 2017 will hold your place. A second $600.00 non-refundable* payment is due Dec 8, 2017 to commence the program. Then, or thereafter, you may pay in full. For those on a monthly payment plan, 10 consecutive monthly payments of $100.00 are due on the 8th day of each month beginning January 8, 2018, until balance is paid in full with final payment due on October 8, 2018. Certification will be presented after final payment has been received and processed.

Please contact Stacey Gibbons at stacey_gibbons@yahoo.com or Terri Lundquist at brytmoonwillow@hotmail.com for questions and for postal mailing address if remitting by check.

NOTE: For PayPal transactions, USE the PAYPAL PAYMENT tab from the SHAMANIC REIKI WORLDWIDE menu on this website for your SRMT payments!

*If the program is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, deposits will be returned in full. If you withdraw from the program before it commences, your nonrefundable deposit(s) can be applied to the next yearlong SRMT program. In this case, please note that total charges will reflect any increases in fees.

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Prayer Bundle in Grande Plaza, Tikal - Guatemala

Prayer Bundle in Grande Plaza, Tikal – Guatemala

If you are interested in the SRMT Program, please contemplate the following questions. Submit your responses to Stacey Gibbons at stacey_gibbons@yahoo.com or Terri Lundquist at terri.lundquist@icloud.com

1) What are my life goals?

2) Why am I drawn to this program and what do I hope to accomplish?

3) What is my relationship with ________ (see below) and how does it impact my life?





The practical aspects of life – health, home, family, community, livelihood, etc

4) What are some of the larger issues I am dealing with in my life and how am I working with these?

5) What do I wish to release and what do I wish to empower?

6) How do I care for myself – body/health and heart – and what (who) is my support system?

7) How well do I feel I know myself and does my life reflect my deeper values?

8) Am I conscious of my special gift to the world? If so, what actions do I take to manifest it?

Please use the above questions as explorations, understanding there are no “correct” answers.

Note: We have several live tele-gatherings per month. These conferences are recorded and available for you to view/listen to after the live airing dates, should you miss any!