SRMP – Port Townsend, WA


Port Townsend, WA

AUG 7-9, 2020 (Almost Filled!)

With Llyn Cedar Roberts, MA

Shamanism teaches us to use the powers of nature to heal. In the ancient system of Reiki, we channel life force energy to heal and restore balance.

38vcOClrk2hwb6AiIRt7z7cjsUKZC5OD6XWR9gQkWoc,u_eUHs69VDwGJdY9em3uaLZNjOgSEySuD-pjtC10pQ8In this master level certification program, guided by prominent teacher of shamanism and healing, Llyn Cedar Roberts, we experience the combined powers of shamanic and Reiki healing and apply detailed, proven methods to enhance our healing skills for practice with others and for personal well-being.​

Through ancient practices and dynamic group and partner exchanges, we gain hands-on experience in healing work.​

We apply Shamanic Reiki approaches to:

  • Expand consciousness and work with spirit guides
  • Balance energetic trauma and shift attachment to past events
  • Remove energy intrusions using advanced methods
  • Attune to the master Reiki energy via symbols and transmission
  • Conduct comprehensive absentee healing sessions
  • Shamanically travel to prevent soul loss and restore soul qualities
  • Integrate Reiki with Tibetan, Maya, Quechua, and Siberian practices and sacred items​

​Join like-minded people in this lively experiential gathering. Reconnect with the healing power of nature and the innate ability to heal and balance through complex times.

To reserve your place contact Llyn at: llynroberts@gmail.com Exchange is $600. A non-refundable $200 deposit will hold your place. Limited space.​

This training is open to level two and/or master Reiki practitioners with some shamanic experience, Shamanic Reiki level two practitioners, or to others with special permission from Llyn Cedar Roberts.

After successful completion of the Master Practitioner level, you will receive the Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate. You will be welcomed to apply to the Master Teacher and Life Empowerment apprenticeship program.

Reading: Shamanic Reiki (Roberts & Levy) and Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness - available on Audible and written by Llyn Roberts

​“Magical. I moved deeper into myself and into my healing practice. The wisdom of Shamanic Reiki is so spiritual and beautiful and the space is held in a powerful yet, playful, way. Everyone shares and learns from each other. Transformation and teachings I will carry forward..” – Deb H. Minneapolis, MN​

“The Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Training will change you forever!” – Kirsten A.​

“The Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner program exceeded all of my hopes, renewed my spirit and left me with a profound sense of community with my fellow practitioners. ” – Heather R. Ottawa, Ontario