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Shamanic Reiki Worldwide

books_2“As a holistic nurse/ massage therapist I have been trained in many healing modalities and have attended numerous workshops. No other training has been so personally and spiritually meaningful as well as transformative to my professional practice. The warmth, caring, support and sense of community gave this world-weary, and close to burned out, nurse a renewed sense of vocation.” - J. Rafferty.

 Shamanism teaches us to create opportunities out of personal and global crises. Reiki provides a paradigm for focusing our energy to heal ourself and our world. Shamanism and
Reiki are powerful paths to healing. When combined, their powers are multiplied. Shamanic
Reiki is an evolving, ecstatic art inviting us to work in increasingly dynamic ways with universal life force energy. These exclusive, intensive training that brings these two together.

Integrate Reiki with diverse indigenous shamanic approaches to enhance your personal healing journey and your work with others. Join the thousands of like-minded people who are exploring an expanded paradigm of well-being that is essential to our own and the planet’s health as we move together through increasingly complex times.



Shamanic Reiki Healing

Shamanic Reiki One

Shamanic Reiki Two

SR Master-Practitioner Level

SR Master-Teacher: Yearlong Online

‘Evolving’ Master-Teacher Programs:        Two 9-Month and One Yearlong Online