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JULY 28-30, 2017, NY: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY: Shamanic Reiki Level One, Stacey Gibbons & Jonathan Hammond.

AUGUST 4-6, 2017, NY:  Wild Wisdom ~ Free Your Instinctual Knowing at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY all-new experiential weekend workshop with Llyn Roberts. More info and to register: WILD WISDOM AT OMEGA

AUGUST 6-11, 2017, NY: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY: Teachings from the Earth ~ Quest into the Heart of Nature. A 5-day shamanic immersion with Llyn Roberts and Survivorman‘s Les Stroud. For details and to register: HEART OF NATURE QUEST

OCTOBER 20-22, 2017, NY: Shamanic Reiki Level Two, NY (Rhinebeck) Stacey Gibbons with Jonathan Hammond weekend certification workshop at the Omega Institute Shamanic Reiki Level Two

OCTOBER 22-27, 2017, NY: Shamanic Reiki Master-Practitioner Training (SRMP), NY (Rhinebeck) Llyn Cedar Roberts, MA with Stacey Gibbons – life changing weeklong experiential certification training at the Omega Institute. This program qualifies you to enroll in the SRMT yearlong program beginning in December, 2017 (See below). More info and register: SHAMANIC REIKI MASTER PRACTITIONER TRAINING

DECEMBER, 2017: Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and Life Empowerment Apprenticeship - A yearlong home-based program with online support and community commences. Llyn Roberts with Stacey Gibbons and Shamanic Reiki Worldwide Faculty Jonathan Hammond, Rob Murphy, and Terri Lundquist. See ‘Shamanic Reiki Worldwide’ tabs at llynroberts.com

2018 – 2019 EVENTS

FEBRUARY 4-9, 2018, CA: Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA: Teachings from the Earth ~ Quest into the Heart of NatureA 5-day shamanic immersion with Llyn Roberts and Survivorman‘s Les Stroud

APRIL 12-22, 2018, GUATEMALA: Healer’s Apprenticeship in the Guatemalan Highlands with Maya Elders – Llyn Roberts, with Marilyn Dexter, MA. Details TBA.

JUNE 2018, MONGOLIA: Sacred Expedition to the Reindeer People - Llyn Roberts, with Terri Lundquist. Details are forthcoming.