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A yearlong home-based program with online support and community

 December 2017 – December 2018 


Llyn Roberts, M.A. with Stacey Gibbons and SRW Teaching Faculty Terri Lundquist, Rob Murphy, and Jonathan Hammond

Training Details and Materials List

  The SRMT Certification Includes:

  • Yearlong Home-Based Experiential Program
  • Supported Practice of Shamanic and Shamanic Reiki Approaches
  • Detailed Client Practicum Program and Assignments
  • Practice and Study Outlines
  • Monthly Online Sharing, Informational Sessions, Ceremonial Circles, and Experiential & Shamanic Meditations with Llyn Roberts and Stacey Gibbons
  • Online Sharing and Q & A Session with SRW Faculty
  • Monthly Individual Phone or Skype Consultation with SR Faculty
  • Monthly Peer Phone or Skype Consultation/Support
  • Peer In-Person and/or Absentee SR Healing Exchanges
  • Absentee Attunement Empowerment and Initiation
  • Access to Supportive Video and/or Audio Archive Featuring SR Faculty and EV Mentors
  • FB Secret SRMT Group with On-Going FB Contact with SRW Faculty
  • Listing as a SRMT on www.shamanicreiki.org (when available, and upon graduation)
  • Specified use of SRW Logo for teaching certificates (upon graduation)
  • Empowerment to teach SR Healing weekend workshop, and Teach SR Level 1 and SR Level 2.
  • Eligible to be considered for advanced (EV) programs. EV1 program is upon invitation.
  • Eligible to repeat the SRMT at a greatly reduced exchange.
  • Option for graduates to join Mentorship Programs, continue phone consultations (at a fee) and receive individual sessions with SRW Teaching Faculty, who may also offer discounted personal SR sessions during the yearlong program

SRMT Materials Provided:

Initiation Cave in Hakass Siberia

Initiation Cave in Hakass Siberia

  • Year-Long Home-Based Experiential Study Program
  • Foundational and Self-Care Strategies
  • Development, Legal and Marketing Tips for Private Practice
  • Masters’ Initiation Information and SRMT Symbols and Application
  • Empowerment and Instruction for SR Levels 1, 2 and Attunements
  • Instructions for Ceremonial and Self-Healing Work
  • Class Outlines to teach SR Healing weekend workshop, and SR Levels 1 and 2
  • Online Practicum Forms for Client Work/Sessions
  • Reading Recommendations
  • Secret FB Group Posting and Messaging Page
  • SRMT Online Materials access when available*
  • SRMT Certificate Upon Successful Completion 

*You will receive hand-outs of all materials until they are available to access yourself online