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Our Mission


The 501C3 nonprofit organization, the Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle (OMEC) is dedicated to encourage a sacred and responsible relationship with the Earth. OMEC introduces modern and ancient practices – and approaches to living – that:

1) Expand consciousness

2) Promote vibrant health for people and all Earthly life

3) Restore the balance between people and nature

OMEC is project-driven, and its administrative base is operated strictly by volunteers.


2012-08-12 11.06.28OMEC is founded on the heartfelt belief that the present and future health of humanity, and of all life on Earth, is inseparable from the human desire to engage life’s deep mystery. We strive to renew humanity’s connection to nature and to the transcendent spirit of life through practices, ways of being, and approaches to living that:

1) Bring sacredness to everyday life

2) Revive the authenticity and ecstasy innate to being human

3) Encourage humanity to take its rightful place within the intelligent harmony of nature

Integrating indigenous wisdom from many cultures, we teach others how to creatively participate with life and open fresh possibilities for how to live together on our amazing planet.


Personally, environmentally and globally, the human species is at a precipice. As just a few examples, obesity has reached epidemic proportions among adults and children in the US, pollution related breathing problems plague record numbers and global toxins as well as human-induced weather changes affect us, as well as once remote tribes. Beyond this, no one escapes concern about the availability and quality of healthy drinking water and the long-term effects of global warming on the Earth, and hence, people.

Just as our urban populations are increasing, the imbalances that stem from overly material values increase. These threaten our families, ecosystems and the global community.

default-logoThe prime challenge of our times is to find harmony and health for us, and the Planet we call home. The Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle “OMEC” raises personal and global consciousness through experiential learning programs and materials that are dispersed in the United States and abroad. It trains effective community leaders and works to shift the public mindset to a spiritual-ecological identity, engaging the Earth as a sentient being that we share life with. OMEC unites communities and organizations to work together for positive personal, local and global change.

OMEC accomplishes its objective to inspire a sacred and responsible relationship with the Earth through educational learning and facilitator programs transmitted within workshops, experiential educational curriculums, sacred travel expeditions in the U.S. and abroad, community and student events, instructional videos and other film projects, webinars, books and articles, media engagements, nature-based educational projects and those that preserve land, indigenous culture and ancient wisdom ways.

Through its programs and materials, OMEC helps people attain a direct experience that we, and nature are one. Participants have found that the shift toward an Earth-honoring mindset inspires profound shifts in how they relate to the natural world – how they act and live as part of the human community on Earth.

Llyn RobertsWe live in a provocative, evolving time that promises to impact how we live together on the Planet, how we continue as a species, and how we understand ourselves in relation to a larger universe. Now is the time to live in ecstatic and responsible relationship with nature.” ¬†~ OMEC’s co-founder and president, Llyn Roberts, aka “Cedar”

OMEC’s co-founder, Llyn Cedar Roberts lived at the edge of the wilderness for two years in the Hoh Rain Forest, Washington state – where she wrote her latest book: Speaking with Nature ~ Awakening to the Deep Wisdom of the Earth¬†which is co-authored with Sandra Ingerman. The book won a 2015 Nautilus Gold Medal Award.