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Evolving Master Teacher: EV1


For Yearlong SRMT Program Graduates

Llyn Roberts, MA

with Stacey Gibbons (and SRW faculty)


The Ten Month program for yearlong SRMT graduates is a hands-on learning experience, with a tremendous feedback and support system. It empowers you to teach the yearlong Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Program


During the 10-month program, you commit to:

1) Teach the following programs under the supervision of SRW. These are ideally completed DURING the 10-month program, though reasonable exceptions will be considered.

Two (2) Shamanic Reiki Level One Trainings

Two (2) Shamanic Reiki Level Two Trainings

One (1) Shamanic Reiki Healing Weekend

2) Attend one weekend experiential workshop in 2018 taught by Llyn Roberts.

3) Produce SRMT audio and/or video materials to be critiqued by Shamanic Reiki Worldwide Faculty. These may be used in the SRMT program and be made available to future programs. They will be the property of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide.

4) You may be asked to assist in preparing SRMT materials

5) Participate in monthly tele-gatherings with Lungta Spiral Clan

6) Keep a journal of your experiences

7) Engage monthly support calls with Shamanic Reiki Worldwide

8) Engage monthly contact with an EV1 Peer

You will be attuned at the EV-SRMT1 Level and receive the Shamanic Reiki Worldwide LUNGTA Spiral symbol, and the EV1 symbol. Upon graduation, you will be empowered to teach the Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Level. Your curriculum will follow the Evolving Master Teacher’s Manual.

The EV1 will deepen your confidence and amplify your gifts as a teacher. In addition to what is outlined above, for the tele-gatherings you will prepare, explore, and also have the opportunity to present, on topics that enhance each members’ ability to hold the sacred container of the Shamanic Reiki teachings. The program format is designed to recognize and empower its members as ‘colleagues’, supporting each person’s growth and evolution. Successful graduates are eligible to be considered for the Evolving Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher TWO (EV2)  program.





2018 EV1 DATES:

March 2018 – December 2018

Certificate Upon Successful Graduation

Exchange Amount $1,600

Pre-requisite: SRMT yearlong graduate

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“Being part of the EV1 program at SRW was a life affirming experience for me. With the love and support of this program and every member of our group, I stepped into a teacher and leadership role with ease and grace. The transition from student to teacher was powerful and empowering. I walk this path more confidently and yet with a great feeling of humbleness because of EV1. Thank you SRW!” ~ Terri Lundquist, Millerton, NY