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Absentee Healing

Llyn & Tuvan Shaman Aida

The Shamanic Reiki Absentee Healing process has proven helpful for people no matter where they geographically live. Llyn has worked effectively with people across the globe, from as far away from her home in the Pacific Northwest, US – as Australia, Singapore, the UK, and more.

Distant Healing is performed as described in the book, Shamanic Reiki. It is a three week process, which includes shamanic journeying, Quechua work with the elements, fire ceremony, intuitive readings, energetic and Reiki, healing with spirit guides, and more, on your behalf.

A short preliminary, as well as an hour+ long post-session phone consultation is included. A follow-up description of the session details, guidelines for how to integrate the energy, and follow-up practices and/or ceremonies are sent by email.

Inquiries ~

Llyn Roberts: llynroberts@gmail.com

Please view the “Distant Healing Items” tab to obtain the list of items that you will need to send to engage the Absentee Healing process.