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Llyn Cedar Roberts, has worked in the nonprofit sector for twenty years, applying ancient wisdom ways to encourage Earth-honoring shifts and incepting projects that preserve the ancestral heritage of indigenous people.

BOOK PROJECT RELEASE JUNE 1, 2019!!! revised-shor-epic-front-cover


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Very important to all indigenous culture, the storyteller/shaman possessed the unique abilities to penetrate the parallel world that surrounds us. Shamans were associated with spirits so they would help to cure disease, predict the future, and establish good weather. The storyteller is not a simple teller of interesting stories, but the keeper of the history and traditions of the people.

Before the 20th century the Shorets did not have a written language; therefore all information was transferred orally – from one person to the next. Storytellers and shamans were the keepers of history, traditions and language of their people. The history of people remained in the legends, the myths and the heroic story. For the Shorets, earliest and most popular were the Heroic legend and story, fulfilled by throat singing in tracking of play on the two-stringed musical tool kay-komus.

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Traditionally, the heroic stories were fulfilled from the late evening until morning. This met the spiritual needs of people, and explain the special worldview of Shorets, characterized by a close spiritual connection with nature. 

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December 2015 Letter from the Arbachakovs:

We, Shor, are an indigenous people of southern Siberia, living in the South of Kemerovo region. According to the last census in 2010, about 13,000 Shor remain. From ancient times there existed within the Shor culture, a rich oral poetry. The most popular and largest genre of Shor folklore was nybak alyptyg, or kai nybak – a heroic tale that entails throat singing with accompaniment of a musical instrument called Kai-Comus. The traditional deliverer of the heroic tale is the kaichi (story-teller). In 2007 the last guardian of the Shor’s epic tradition, Vladimir Tannagashev, died.

At home

Today, as the living storytelling tradition of the Altai-Sayan peoples is on the verge of becoming extinct, we have this opportunity to make a unique audio recording of past heroic legends. Our goal is to keep examples of the ancient Shor culture alive, so generations to come – and the world – will have a chance to learn about us.
 Best wishes, thank you for helping us preserve the wisdom ways of an ancient culture. Alexander and Luba Arbachakov

More funds are being raised to benefit the Shorets community and to support other projects that preserve cultural heritage.

Your generous contributions helped to bring this book to print. Please direct any questions to Llyn Roberts at llynroberts@gmail.com

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Facilitated by Llyn Roberts, MA 

(Via Dream Change, Inc.)

Altaibook2011: Altai Book Project

Spiritual Wisdom of the Altai Mountains by Altai Elder Nikolai A. Shodoev

Facilitator of US & UK publication via O-Books, Llyn Roberts. Book summary:

Spiritual Wisdom from the Altai Mountains, Altai Bilik touches on the religions of Altai history including Tengrism, shamanism and the twentieth century development from shamanism to White Faith. Drawing on ancient symbols, oral and shamanic text, legend and prophecy, author and elder Nikolai Shodoev gives a personal introduction to Altai cosmology, the soul, spiritual development, harmony between man and nature and the imminent evolutionary shift from the yellow to the white era.

shorbook2007: Shor Siberian Book Project

The Shor Mountain peoples of Siberia number about 12,000 and during the 20th century have been decimated by repression, alcohol and suicide. The Shor shamanic legacy might not be remembered if not for this book compiled by Alexander and Luba Arbachakov, depicting ethnographic sketches of remaining Shor and recordings of their shamanic verses. The Last of the Shor Shamans includes photographs of the Shor and their symbols. Introduction by Llyn Roberts who raised the money to publish the book in the Russian and English languages. Endorsed by: Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer, PhD research professor Georgetwon University, Frederick Lundhal retired American diplomat, Eva Jane Neumann Fridman, PhD author of Sacred Geography.

2001: Russian Conservationists Hosted

During a visit arranged by Bill Pfeiffer of the Sacred Earth Network in 2001, five leading conservationists from the former Soviet Union were hosted by Llyn Roberts to share about their culture and environment. The meeting resulted in visits by Bill and Llyn to indigenous Shor, Hakass, and Tuvan communities on the Asian steppe to explore projects that support culture and environment.

dcmag1999-2003: Gathering of Shamans and Wisdom Keepers

From 1999 through 2003, a series of gatherings brought shamans and indigenous teachers from cultures around the world to New York, California, Colorado and Michigan. Hundreds of people attended these events, which were open to the public and included teachings, community gatherings, ceremonies, and shamanic healing sessions. Eve Bruce initiated and directed the first Gatherings and Llyn Roberts directed them from 2001-2003 in cooperation with the Omega Institute. The annual event inspired the inception of numerous independent gatherings across the country and in Europe.

1999: Tibetan Buddhist Peace Vases Buried in Amazon and Siberia

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the spring of 1999 a Tibetan Buddhist Peace Vase was buried deep in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Another vase was buried on the grounds of a Tibetan Buddhist temple in Kyzyl, Tuva, on a trip by Llyn Roberts and Bill Pfeiffer, and a third was delivered by Llyn and Bill to indigenous Siberian Shor people via Alexander Arbachakov was later buried by shamans in the Shor Mountains region. Initiated by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, hundreds of such vases have been placed around the globe – they contain consecrated items, which emanate blessings to the environment, avert negative occurrences, and balance natural energies.


1997-Present Indigenous Sacred Expeditions

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom 1997-2011 Llyn facilitated (through Dream Change, Inc.) shamanic expeditions to the remote Shuar tribe in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador, and to the ancient Quechua people in the high Andes. She designed and led special healer’s apprenticeships with Quechua Birdpeople, and has facilitated for ten years – currently with OMEC – annual sacred journeys to Maya sacred sites and to work with Maya elders in Guatemala, and joined with Bill Pfeiffer of the Sacred Earth Network to lead trips to the Asian steppe, working with indigenous Shor and Hakass peoples and leading groups to work with those of the Republic of Tuva. Working with OMEC since 2012, Llyn facilitates trips to learn from indigenous shamans and elders in Guatemala and in Siberia and Mongolia.