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March 27 – April 7, 2019 Registration underway! Guatemala Healer’s Journey with Maya Elders and Llyn Cedar Roberts

“I went to Guatemala with an open mind and came home with a warm and expansive heart. The teachings and learnings came through direct experience. I will forever be changed from what I saw, felt, heard, tasted, absorbed, and did. ” ~ Lis T
The Guatemala trip changed my life. IMG_3429Immersing in the lands, engaging with the Maya people and elders, initiating through the fire ceremonies and the powerful vortex energies of Lake Atitlan, was like coming home.” ~ Maryan H
“The Guatemala journey was incredibly life-changing. I will forever be grateful.  The spirit of the place, its vibrant colors, rich history and culture, the magical lands and ancient rituals with Maya Elders, induced deep, deep healing and a new vision for life.  This trip is the ultimate of vision quests!” ~ Linnea L (Educator and Healer)