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Praise for the Work


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“I do not usually advertise unless I truthfully believe in something. Any workshop I have taken with Llyn Roberts supports a matrix of creative healing energy that ripples out beyond anything I would have thought possible. The wonder of it all is the giving and receiving, I am getting back as much as I give.” - Andrea S.

“Llyn’s Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner program exceeded all of my hopes, renewed my spirit and left me with a profound sense of community with my fellow practitioners. ”  - Heather R. Ottawa, Ontario

“As a holistic nurse/ massage therapist I have been trained in many healing modalities and have attended numerous workshops. No other training has been so personally and spiritually meaningful as well as transformative to my professional practice. The warmth, caring, support and sense of community gave this world-weary, and close to burned out, nurse a renewed sense of vocation.” – J. Rafferty

The Shamanic Reiki Master Training will change you forever. Llyn shares her innate gifts with such purity, honesty and generosity. No Ego here! She is a truly a Treasure. – Kristen A.

“Magical. I moved deeper into myself and into my healing practice. The wisdom of Shamanic Reiki is so spiritual and beautiful and the space is held in a powerful yet, playful, way. Everyone shares and learns from each other. A week of transformation and teachings I will carry forward.” Deb H., MN


Prayer Bundle in Grande Plaza, Tikal - Guatemala

Prayer Bundle in Grande Plaza, Tikal – Guatemala

“It is one thing to read Llyn’s books, it is quite another to be in her energy field for an extended period of time – truly transformative.”

“Llyn Roberts is a master. I’ve experienced many of the journeys and exercises she writes about in her book first hand. She is a wonderful teacher and writer who shares her wisdom with ease to all – for the greater good.” 

Llyn Roberts is the world’s best-kept secret!” 

“A fantastic program! We did so much and learned so much! The warmth and caring to all of us was wonderful!”

“Accessible practices for every day life. Genuine faculty not elevated or self-absorbed, I have never seen a program start with such strength! Thank you for your beautiful work. The inspiration and tools I gained are already making a difference!”

“Wonderful! Beautiful! Incredible! Amazing! Fabulous! The Best!”

“Talented, committed, experienced, and loving. This work is so important at this time in history!!”

“Expansive! I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned!”

“Llyn is a very wise and sensitive teacher and I am delighted with her.” 


IMG_2934-1“From the moment of our initial phone contact in the US to our departure ceremony, Llyn was a guiding force, eliciting healing and trust. She displayed unconditional compassion, understanding, and did an amazing job on the shamanic intensive. A spiritual guide, humanitarian, and organizer, she was truly professional – well prepared to handle every aspect of foreign travel.” ~ Jennifer Kelton, LA. Nomads for the Arts, Humanity and the Earth.

“Llyn facilitates with grace, compassion and a loving spirit. I learned much from simply observing her. Calm and good natured in the face of challenges, and playful when time allowed. She has the balance of experience and wisdom to help a diverse group of individuals embark on a profound journey to the heart.” ~ Sarah Severn, Beverton, OR. Director, Corporate Responsibility Development, Nike, Inc.

“I loved the trip! Great and interesting companions! The most powerful thing was that my spirituality became very tangible. Upon return this has continued in my daily life. Llyn was there when I needed, but gave plenty of space to work things out on my own. She really came across as a friend, allowing me to feel comfortable and safe.” ~ Barbara Bradley, Wolfeboro, NH

“My trip was extraordinary! My life has completely transformed. Llyn appears to have no limit to her energy, insight and sensitivity.” ~ Sandy McGlinchey, Ossippee, NH. Acupuncturist.

“I am thankful for Llyn’s presence on our trip. The energy she brought to my healing will never be forgotten. I have great respect and appreciation for Llyn as a facilitator, healer and friend.” ~ Claudia Edwards, PhD, Miami, FL. Psychologist.

“Llyn’s loving kindness radiated to each person equally, supporting us in our individual process. Her ability to ‘be with’ another person is profound. Professionally and as a trip facilitator, she demonstrates efficiency and effectiveness.” ~ Carol Parker, NJ. PhD Candidate and shamanic practitioner.   


unnamed-14“To work with Llyn is to work with the best kind of teacher – one who both conveys her truth and elicits your own from within. Llyn’s warmth, compassion, insights and understanding inform and guide her. She is a source of light.” – Ellen, NY

“My time with Llyn was full of wonder. Even the drive over was magical. During my session, I felt deep peace and love as many unhealthy bonds were broken. I am affected to this day. Changes that were so difficult have happened with little effort. Llyn is powerful yet gentle – her shining light will guide many as she shares her gifts with grace and beauty.”- P. Keeler, Montclair, NJ

“Llyn helped me learn healthy ways to deal with life challenges and to create the life I truly want! Llyn is inspiring, providing the opportunity for me to heal false beliefs and connect with my true self at the soul level. Her teachings are life changing.”
~SJ Chamberlin – Manchester, NH

“It’s hard to put in words how profound Llyn’s teachings and friendship have been. She teaches from the heart and leads by example, always sharing in our learning. She reflects back our essential selves, helping us see our own beauty and the beauty of all that is. Your life is never the same after gatherings with Llyn. Every breath becomes much freer and more meaningful.”
~Mary – Dallas, TX

“Llyn’s teaching method is transformational because she is deeply immersed in Spirit. I have developed enhanced intuition while connecting with Spirit through Nature. The work opened my vision to experience fairies, vortices, symbols and a deeper connection with Nature while developing a deep bond with Llyn and our group. We work deeply, are opened and changed after each gathering, and have fun!”
~Karen – South Berwick, ME

“Llyn should be your teacher if – your heart desires to meet your true family, you want to journey into a perfect future, become one with vortices of energy, have your spirit dance with fire – and if you sincerely want to know and embrace the Essence of who you are.”
~C. Thornbury – Downington, PA

“My treatment of distant Shamanic Reiki by Llyn Roberts was superb. Llyn was kind, considerate, and despite emails and phone calls across the Atlantic, I felt a bond – a rapport of being in safe and caring hands. Llyn was patient, understanding, with possibly the best phone manner I have ever heard! She tuned in and helped me optimize Shamanic Reiki’s effects. I felt totally at ease, as though with a trusted friend. Llyn worked her magic in the USA and I kept up my side from the UK. The advice and guidance I received was invaluable, so much so that I devoted a section of my book to Llyn’s treatment of me. As time passes I still find new truths, solace and guidance. Distance Shamanic Reiki with Llyn was a fantastic and valuable experience, a significant contribution to my spiritual and general well-being. -”Alice Grist, UK, author of The High-Heeled Guide to Enlightenment”

-“Llyn’s work changed my life. She is an amazing teacher, healer and shapeshifter!” – NY Times bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins