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Dark Moon Ceremony


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAncient shamanic peoples the world over honored the Earth and the elements, earth, air, water, fire. As well, they acknowledged the power and influence of seasonal changes, and the celestial bodies and their cycles – Sun, Moon, Stars and Cosmos – on humans and nature.

You’ll enjoy performing this ceremony, which will align you with the living being known as Mama Kilya by Quechua indigenous people. (Though most of us consider the moon as feminine and the sun as masculine, some cultures consider the moon to be masculine and the sun as feminine, fyi.)

This ritual honors the Dark Moon period, whose wisdom is all but lost in modern times. The Dark Moon phase is 1-3 days prior to the appearance of the first crescent – the return of light that the newly waxing moon bestows.

Please regard the New Moon as that first arc of light – the crescent of the newly waxing moon, not the moon in its invisible phase as it shows in your Gregorian calendars. If that’s confusing – notice how you feel when that moon is invisible and also how you feel when that slim, yet bright crescent appears in the sky! The New Moon is the return of light!

Feel free to adjust this outline if the moon prods you to create new ways of performing this simple yet powerful ceremonial. Ask the living being of the moon and follow your heart!


IMG_0183Fill a physically clean glass or ceramic or wooden bowl (also energetically cleanse by using Reiki or other spiritual symbols, or by placing the bowl on a window sill for 24-hours) with the purest drinking water you have access to – fresh spring or well water or your filtered drinking water from a faucet.

Add to the water, the following:

*Spiritual symbols you may work with, and/or make a prayer or blessing or sing a beautiful song over the water. Feel your love and gratitude for the water, and it’s relationship to the moon’s phases. Also, feel your love and gratitude for your own water being-ness and your own intimacy with the lunar phases – humans are mostly water!

*A small, physically cleansed stone from the land that offers itself. Leave a small offering of bread, cornmeal or birdseed in its place on the Earth. Although the stone person is probably fairly balanced from resting on the Earth, in addition to thoroughly physically cleaning the stone, please energetically cleanse the stone before you place it in the Moon Water by immersing it in salt water, allowing it to sit out in the sun for twenty-four hours, or another method that calls to you.

*Speak aloud to the water, thanking it for its ability to transmute obstacles in this Dark Moon phase: personal and collective as well as societal old stories, patterns, imprints, and wounds. Ask the water to absorb dense or stuck energies during the Dark Moon period. As this phase occurs, images, feelings, circumstances may bubble to the surface so you can see more clearly the places where you are stuck, or the dense patterns you’re working with, or reveal to you collective obstacles and outdated patterns. Also ask the Moon to cleanse and transmute these – any obstacles that arise – in this water.

Remember that energy is not ultimately ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and can never die. It can be recycled and change form – transmuted or shapeshifted.

This points to the power of the Dark Moon phase, to bubble up what may need to shift and to recycle and transmute; shadow aspects of life. Once transmuted, then we can use this liberated energy for positive and life-affirming change – to create good things for us, and the Earth! Just as our recycled food wastes produce the dark, rich humus that fertilizes the Earth so new life can sprout and plants can grow – just so can our obstacles and barriers be recycled into energy that supports and affirms all life.

You may want to journal on your dreams, on your feelings, and on what emerges for you as well as about any auspicious circumstances, which may appear during the Dark Moon period. Also ask it to help you incubate with your deepest dreams and wishes.

Remember: the moon is dark on one side and lighted on the other. The moon reflects the eternal balance of light and dark, and the Dark Moon sky will soon give way to the New Moon – when darkness is illumined by the slim yet brilliant crescent of the newly waxing moon.

Place your bowl of water under the darkened sky for one to three nights before the crescent appears.

unnamed-10 copy 2You may want to bring the water inside in the morning and place it in a shaded place in your home with a cloth covering it by day – then bring it out again in the evening. Or, you may like to leave it out to absorb and be transmuted by sunlight, as well. If it is cold outside, place the bowl on a windowsill inside instead of putting it out of doors, so the water won’t freeze.

On the day of the New Moon – when the crescent appears – thank and bless your Dark Moon water and offer it as nourishment to the Earth, stating a simple prayer of gratitude.

There is plenty of evidence out there now showing that the energetic vibration we create through ceremony and by shapeshifting into expanded consciousness, produces shifts in the material world – invite the spirit of the Earth to use this transmuted water to transform negative thoughts and actions that pervade the Earth, and to shift environmental toxins that degrade the lands, airs and waters.

Offer the stone back to the Earth with a heartfelt prayer.

You are now ready to begin the New Moon Ritual.