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 AND LIFE EMPOWERMENT YEARLONG APPRENTICESHIP, a home-based program with online support and community 

December 2017 – December 2018

Llyn Roberts, M.A.

with Stacey Gibbons and SRW Teaching Faculty Terri Lundquist, Rob Murphy, and Jonathan Hammond

 unnamed-10The SRMT Certification and Life Empowerment Program based on the book Shamanic Reiki and the evolving practices of the Shamanic Reiki Worldwide Faculty - emphasizes personal development and empowerment that comes from attuning to nature and the Universal Life Force Energy. You will receive the information, and be guided through the experiences, that will help you to deepen your Shamanic Reiki practice and to teach SR Level One, SR Level Two, and Shamanic Reiki Healing weekend. This program cultivates the confidence and inspiration to become the uniquely gifted healer and teacher you are.

Contact Stacey Gibbons at stacey_gibbons@yahoo.com or Terri Lundquist at terri.lundquist@icloud.com for information and to apply

The Shamanic Master Reiki Teacher (SRMT) Level and Distant Attunement is about cleansing on the soul level, aligning with the deeper intentions of the soul, and expanding awareness.  This level is open to those who have received the Master Practitioner Certification from Llyn Roberts, and/or Stacey Gibbons or by special permission* from Llyn Roberts. As we cultivate such a powerful and healing community together, and global healing is dependent upon each of us expanding consciousness and living in harmony with nature, this program is equally appropriate for those dedicated to life empowerment – though they may not be certain that they want to be SR teachers.


The program is designed to accommodate people wherever they live and can be tailored to suit individual needs and work schedules. We will be an online community, communicating and supporting each other as we journey through the program.  There are many ways ‘built-in’ to the program that ensure you will feel connected and supported in an intimate way.

*Special admission permission circumstances may include: 1) those who have trained in other energetic and/or shamanic modalities and are attuned to Reiki Level Two, 2) those who have completed an intensive shamanic or apprenticeship program with other prominent shamanic teachers and/or Llyn Roberts, and are attuned to Level Two 3) current Reiki Master Teachers from another school, etc. If you feel the “calling” and are uncertain about whether you qualify, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The choice to become an independent SRMT can reveal many new aspects of self as we evolve to understand how to ‘be’ and how to ‘live’ Reiki.  The energy awakens us in an integrated way as we ‘remember’ who we truly are, and as we help others remember.  We ARE the Universal Life Force Energy!

The Life Empowerment Program offers many opportunities through home client practicum and unnamedonline circles and clans and fb discussion to develop a deep and intimate connection with the group, and with Shamanic Reiki.  Through our time together, people experience feeling opened, and guided, in new ways. It is often that the practitioner’s life’s purpose comes to the forefront.  The program addresses each individual’s spiritual aspirations, simultaneously honoring the very practical aspects of how to practice and teach Shamanic Reiki, with a strong acknowledgement and support of what comes up in our personal journey as we commit more deeply to this adventure together.

Be prepared that during this period students can be challenged to release old, habitual belief systems, and dysfunctional life patterns. This is a mutual path of learning as the Reiki energy, shamanic spirits, and the Earth, guide you to greater authenticity.You will be skillfully supported through this adventure and are also encouraged to seek additional outside and/or professional support if you find you need this and/or if it will be helpful to you.


Image                                                                                                                                              This period of training, practice, connecting with nature, self-reflection, intuitive/psychic development and mastership in the SRMT program will fine-tune how you see yourself, your work and relationships, and help you to clarify your role in our rapidly changing world.  It will deepen your connection to spirit and nature, your ability to trust the flow of life, as well as to consciously manifest a life that reflects your soul’s purpose during these provocative global times.

This program is designed to help you shed limitations – and anchor a grounded reality that supports your unique contribution to a new cultural story of expanded consciousness. This will benefit you, the Earth, your Shamanic Reiki practice as well as your family and community. It will help you to embrace each moment more fully and restore your connection to the natural world.



You will be supported in opening to your higher nature – allowing your natural talents, skills, and gifts to come forward during this great time of planetary evolution.

Inquire with SRW Co-founder, Stacey Gibbons at stacey_gibbons@yahoo.com or Director of SRW Programs, Terri Lundquist at terri.lundquist@icloud.com

“Llyn Roberts and Stacey Gibbons came into my life when I did the Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner training at Omega. I was drawn to them and their work and have continued my studies with them. I grew as I learned from their teachings, as I applied their practices – and as I sat in circle with them, and the Shamanic Reiki Worldwide Team. Llyn, Stacey, and the Team hold a space that is full of grace and heartfelt intention.  This path has profoundly changed my life: my heart is more open, my mind is quieter, my physical health is better and I have the courage to follow my passion – which happens to be Shamanic Reiki!” - Maryan Hoelzer, Nyack, NY